Hi. Let me tell you a little about myself.

I started things in Seaside, CA (which my Mom told me, only a few years ago, is no longer officially a city).  My Dad was career military so I am- truly- a military brat (which celebrates every April 30th if you wish to send gifts).  What I mean is, by the time I was in seventh grade I had been in nine different schools!  Truth be told I get the ‘two-year itch’ to this day.  I suppose that’s one of the reasons the gigging musician life-style suits me so well.  Because I’m just going to say it- I love it! 

My wife Heather is the home-body in the fam because my kids are all performers in one way or another but she teaches 6th grade math- I know, right?  6th grade math…?!  We are very opposite but it makes us a good team- she’s great at saving money and I’m great at spending it- yes! 

Piano is quite literally my first love.  Ok, wait- knowing Jesus as my Savior would constitute my greatest love, Heather and the Fam a close second but piano is right behind all that and it truly is my ‘first’ love. 

I was nine playing trombone in the band (I wanted to play sax but my teacher laid the smack down) and my sister was eight taking piano.  One day I noticed the notes on the left hand of her songbook were the same as the trombone.  I sat down and in about four weeks had played through my sister’s beginner piano book (Bastien for you piano nerds). 

I’ll never forget I was playing the rather advanced version of Jingle Bells (this is after only one month, mind you) on the last page of the book and my Mom walked in, just about fell over and proclaimed “you are taking piano lessons!”  When an African American southern mom makes a proclamation it’s second only to the word of God!  And there are many that would say they are His mouth-piece on this earth.  While that’s not necessarily true I did start piano and never-ever quit…and never will. 

My hope is that I get to live a long fruitful life and when it’s time for me to go I’m at a piano somewhere.  It doesn’t matter to me if it’s a church or a night club, I treat them both like a sanctuary, I just want my last thing to be music! 

Thanks for coming to my website and thanks even more for taking the time to read this bio.  I hope you get as much a kick out of looking over this as I did putting it together! 

God Bless,

Ron E. Parker

Ron E. Parker

Release Party 

Man!  We had a blast Friday night!  Wow- I am so grateful to the musicians, song-writers and technicians who made the project doable.  Then we've got the Red Rooster with Kilene and Dan and the whole gang - thank you guys so much for making the evening not only a resounding success but a major blast.  Everyone dug it!