Hi. Let me tell you a little about myself.

Thanks for taking a minute and looking over this website.

I've been playing and singing all of my life.  My goal has always been to bring joy to people's hearts.  I'd like to think that's what this music is all about. 

Take a few minutes and listen to the tracks I've laid down for you.  If you're close try and stop in to see a show or two.  The music is high energy- usually pretty danceable and definitely- and intentionally- uplifting.

God Bless,

Ron E. Parker

Ron E. Parker

Release Party 

Man!  We had a blast Friday night!  Wow- I am so grateful to the musicians, song-writers and technicians who made the project doable.  Then we've got the Red Rooster with Kilene and Dan and the whole gang - thank you guys so much for making the evening not only a resounding success but a major blast.  Everyone dug it!