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Written by Jon Roise, David Roise and Ron E Parker

I wrote this song with the help of two of my friends. In fact I would have to say they contributed the best parts of the song. Dave wrote the recurring musical theme in the bass and guitar and Jon come up with the chasing after the wind them lyrically found in the book of Ecclesiastes. A unique song with a very unique feel. Thank you, my Brothers!



Everything I’m touchin’, everything I’m tryin’
Trying just to get me by
All these clothes I’m wearin’, all these cars I’m drivin’
They got me wondering why
Running here and there, like I haven’t got a care in this world
Haven’t got a prayer
Running in a circle, spinnin’ round and round
Like a rat in a race to nowhere

Chasin’, chasin’
Chasin’ after the wind
Chasin’, chasin’
Chasin’ after the wind

Search for buried treasure, living for the pleasure
Such a disappointment to me
Things that brought me laughter, still not what I’m after
Only end in misery
Tried to change my thinking, keep my ship from sinking
Hoping to begin again
Look for something greater, just to find out later
We’re chasing after the wind