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  1. People Like Me

From the album The Ron Parker Experience

Jerry Banley collaborated on this one. The flavor is very different than what I normally write. Thanks for stretching me, Bro!


People Like Me
Words&Music by Jerry Banley and Ron Parker

People like me they come and they go
They already know that we are the same
Oh hey- hey People like you
What are you gonna do, things are changing
But are they getting better

She looked to her father but he never told her straight
Promises, promises but he couldn’t keep ‘em
He looked to his mama who loved him most of all
But then she left him all alone- oh- [Chorus]

Just let it go, you gotta let it go
Just give it up like everybody else
Cuz you’re so tired of the rain
Beat it down, beat it chase it all over the world
Lay it down- people like me [Gtr solo over chorus]

People Like me, people Like me
People like me, people Like me- whoa [Repeat and fade]

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