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  1. I And I

From the album The Ron Parker Experience

The old upright grand at Jeremy's house had so much soul I had to play it. It captured the feeling of this song so much it was hard to get through it.


I and I
Words&Music by Ron Parker

I know what the problem is
Cuz I’ve seen it all before
Two steps forward three steps backward running over
Running over, running over, running over

I know what the problem is
Same thing happening time and time again
Habits become patterns never ending
Neve ending, never ending, never ending

As long as I and I
I got my eyes turned inward
And my heart in my own hand
See the problem where I stand
Put my heart- put my heart in your hand
You put your heart in mine

Just take the time to hear you
Your shout is very soft
Words are over, we are over, we are over
We are over, we are over, we are over

© 2018 Ron E Parker Publishing