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  1. Good Medicine

From the album The Ron Parker Experience

This song is special not only because Jerry and I wrote it together; not only because it's acoustic unplugged but also because it makes me smile - pure and simple :)


Good Medicine
Words&Music by Jerry Banley and Ron Parker

Looking out the window saw myself in the reflection
I laughed so hard I nearly hit the floor
Somethings they’ll never change
Somethings are always changing
The yin and yang the up and down
What goes around it comes around

Laughing out my window
At the world it seems so crazy
The beat of it all just makes me want to dance
Looking out my window
At the world it’s topsy-turvy, windy-curvy
It makes me want to laugh it’s good medicine

Looking out my window saw- you – in the reflection
Felt so good and made my heart so glad
No matter what happens
No matter what else comes
As long as you are here I know that it will be alright

© 2018 Ron E Parker Publishing